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Nutrition Analysis, Feedback & Coaching

Full nutritional analysis with regular feedback and coaching to educate you on the best ways for you to eat for optimum health and vitality.  Our nutritional programme is revolutionary and will help you achieve health, energy, mental clarity and weight loss.

Personal Training Sessions

Making sure you do everything you can to get fitter, stronger and ultimately healthier by having an expert guide you through each step is essentail if you want to get the most out of your time spent exercising. Personal training exercise programmes are designed by Richard to achieve your goals safely and effectively. As part of the platinum, gold and silver programmes you go through two, 60 minute workouts each week with Richard.

Exclusive Access to Private Studio

You will have access to the exclusive private studio by appointment with your trainer.

Direct Access to Your Trainer

Having your Personal Trainer on the end of the phone or text (during office hours) to answer any questions which just cant wait is invaluable in making sure you stick to your plan.  They will always aim to get back to you within 24hrs for urgent matters and 48-72hrs for everything else.

Fitness Assessment, Testing & Screening

You will get a full health screening and assessment. You will also have a fitness test at the beginning and the end of the programme.

Hormone Optimisation

Richard or a member of his team will look at your lifestyle and make some simple adjustments to boost your energy and improve your moods.  Some hormones are to high and some are too low, we will work on bringing them back into balance. 

Infra Red Sauna

Infra Red Sauna

Stretch Class

 Stretch Class

12 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation With The Vitality Programme. Improve your fitness and lose weight quickly in just 12 weeks.

One-One Sessions

Full private one-one sessions with Richard are the best way to learn everything he has to teach, 100% of the focus is on you and your goals.


A first class service provided by a chartered physiotherapist, Chris Miller, based at the Village Hotel in Swansea’s SA1 Waterfront, Chris is an NHS physiotherapist, works with multiple agegroups of the Welsh national soccer teams, has been Llanelli AFC’s Physio for the last five seasons and is great at what he does.

Urine Testing

Your urine will be tested each week to check for changes in your internal environment which improve results dramatically.


Chris Miller also provides an excellent acupuncture service and had helped reduce injury time in many of my clients, allowing them to get back to normal training quicker.

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